New Horizons Car Wash Builders


New Horizons World Class manufacturing is proud of the long-term acceptance by architects, contractors and car wash builders, who have recognized the structural integrity and longevity of its clear glass structures, as well as detail in fabrication and installation.

Since the invention of automobiles, people have been washing them. Opening a car wash business is profitable, and we are here to handle your self-service and automatic car wash building! With years of experience as premium car wash builders and manufacturers, we will build your car wash business a beautiful, high quality, modular car wash building structure that will last. New Horizons makes opening a car wash business a simple and rewarding process.

A Profitable and Exciting Enterprise

The car wash business is a $24 billion dollar industry and growing rapidly. Regardless of the economy, there’s always demand for its service. People consider a car wash a need, and they are willing to pay for it. Whether you’re looking to boost your income or you’re simply engaging in a new adventure, building a car wash business may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to take your entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. Remember, as is true with any new venture, quality trumps quantity every time. Take the time to learn about the great selection of quality car wash structures available when you are building a car wash business.

Fast Construction Innovative Low Maintenance Structures

New Horizon automatic car wash structures and self service car wash buildings are manufactured by CCSI International, Inc. who are well known for their quality pool enclosures. CCSI’s World Class manufacturing ability continues into field installation, assuring a quality finished product that has been installed to the high standards set by CCSI International, Inc.

Open a Car Wash from New Horizons