Automatic Carwash Structures

A beautiful, modern car wash structure is crucial to the success of your car wash business. Automatic carwash structures are popular and generate great revenue for commercial operations. At New Horizons Car Wash, we build clear glass structures and buildings specifically for automatic car washes. Made entirely of glass, our buildings are a beautiful upgrade to traditional touchless car wash buildings. Automatic carwash buildings are to be used primarily with automatic applications. New Horizons also builds self service car wash buildings. As people tend to prefer one type of car wash over another,oftentimes, car wash business owners will add a self service car wash enclosure to an automatic car wash to provide clients with a choice between the two.
Automatic Car Washes Buildings

Our car wash builders at New Horizons can customize your entire car wash building! We build many different models in five standard building sizes, but custom sizes are also available. The options are endless to customize your commercial car wash structure! We offer a choice in color, materials and upgrades including vacuum islands, equipment rooms, chaseway, roof panels and knee wall.

Our car wash structures are made of glass and powder coated aluminum and polycarbonate. The powder coated aluminum comes in your choice of over 80 different colors. Custom colors are available, too. At New Horizons, we put the car wash design in your hands and build a car wash structure that will improve business and make you a proud owner of a successful auto wash business.
Options for Automatic Car Wash Structures

All of our structures come in five standard car wash size options. Size is an important factor when designing your car wash building. Keep in mind a larger building not only improves your car wash’s performance, it also gives you more flexibility with the types of car wash equipment you can use. Utilizing lights in a larger car wash building gives you an enhanced street presence. Additionally, a larger structure will give you a greater output, which means more revenue for your car wash business.

Kneewall upgrades include brick, block or split-faced cast or stucco. We can also custom build a kneewall of almost any material. We provide exterior and interior equipment rooms as an appealing way to store unsightly car wash equipment. Our vacuum islands can even be built to match your kneewall.

A chaseway built with our powder coated aluminum provides your car wash building with an attractive way to store gas, electricity and water supply lines.
Car Wash Building Costs

There are several variables that must be determined before you can realistically estimate your building costs when opening a car wash business. The size of your building, the type of construction and even development expenses can vary significantly. Take into consideration factors including the type of vehicles you can expect to service when choosing your car wash structure. Remember, the building is the first thing your customers will see when they are deciding whether or not to visit your business. Consider the importance of making a great first impression and make an informed decision when you estimate your car wash building costs.

You can keep the cost of building a car wash relatively low by considering a low maintenance structure. For many business owners, these structures are perfect for an automatic car wash, as they can easily generate tremendous revenue with little effort. With automatic applications, the cost of building a car wash is limited to the choices you make concerning additions, such as self-service enclosures. Customization options give you the flexibility to keep it simple or add vacuum islands, equipment rooms and even roof panels. However you choose to design your car wash, cost can vary considerably. We can work with you and your budget to design the right car wash for you.
Long-Lasting Automatic Carwash Structure

With low maintenance required, our custom car wash structures remain attractive through both rain and shine. Your car wash business will be growing while your maintenance costs remain low. Our car wash structures will support your car wash business for years to come.

Build your new car wash structure on quality and experience. Our automatic car wash structures are functional, beautiful and cost effective to build. If your car wash business is lacking curb appeal and you need a new car wash structure, contact New Horizons today!