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New Horizons has been recognized as the leading manufacturer, fabricator and installer of custom clear glass structures. Our fully customizable glass structures are designed with the latest innovations and built to be functional, durable, reliable, low-maintenance, cost-effective and visually appealing.

If you’d like to learn more about how to start a carwash business or designing your own customizable clear glass structure, contact New Horizons today!

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All Paws Pet Wash

Looking for a terrific opportunity that’s simple, convenient and hassle-free? How about an All Paws Pet Wash vending station? As a business opportunity and a creative way to help pet owners, All Paws Pet Wash systems are easy to maintain, fun to operate and a super simple business venture that’s sure to clean up.

The self-serve pet wash industry, as a whole, may be relatively new, but the manufacturers of All Paws Pet Wash Vending Stations are certainly not inexperienced when it comes to the wet environment building industry. A family-run business dating back to 1964, manufacturer CCSI International, Inc known for their pool enclosures and car wash buildings, is proud of their long-term reputation of structural integrity and longevity, synonymous with their manufacturing. Providing quality through craftsmanship … it’s what we do best.

Integrating into the self-serve pet wash industry in 2009 was a natural move for CCSI International, Inc. , and our customers have been raving ever since! Consumers will forever be looking for pet wash solutions, and self serve dog washing stations are the answer they’ve been looking for. Perfect for any recreational, commercial, or residential community, self serve dog grooming and pet wash stations are fun, convenient and affordable.

Here’s to a Tail Waggin’ Good Time!


All Paws Pet Wash

All Paws Pet Wash


Garden Prairie Pool & Spa Enclosures

By CCSI International, Inc.

For almost half a century CCSI International, Inc., has manufactured and distributed world-class swimming pool enclosures and open roof systems to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States.

Operating out of our state of the art facility in Garden Prairie, Illinois, CCSI International, Inc. is capable of custom-designing and manufacturing pool and spa enclosures and moveable roof systems including all the components to meet the needs of each project we undertake.

Our Products include:

  • Garden Prairie Residential Pool and Spa Enclosures and Roof Systems
  • Atria – Commercial Pool and Spa Enclosures, and Roof Systems
  • New Horizons Design, Custom Commercial Enclosures, and Roof Systems

With comprehensive, custom-design, manufacturing and distribution services, as well as our experience and award-winning reputation in the pool and spa industry, CCSI International, Inc., is able to offer our residential and commercial customers the highest quality swimming pool and spa enclosures at substantial savings, while cutting lead times to the minimum.

Contact an expert at CCSI Internationalal, Inc., right now for information about our superior roof systems and pool and spa enclosures.


CCSI Internation Inc.

CCSI Internation Inc.



New Horizons buildings and structures are manufactured by CCSI international, Inc. CCSI International, Inc world class manufacturing ability continues into field installation, assuring a quality finished product that has been installed to the highest standards set by CCSI International, Inc.