Self Service

The Appeal of Self Service Car Wash Buildings

Self service car wash buildings can bring in a great amount of revenue for your car wash business and provide a cheaper alternative for your customers.

Many people still prefer to wash their car themselves as opposed to driving through an automatic car wash, plus self service offers them a cheaper option to automatic. They may not have an area where they live to wash their car themselves, so they will come to a self service car wash and use soap and water provided by your car wash business at a lesser fee than automatic.

Self service car wash buildings include wash units, vacuums and washer systems. Additional features such as dash board cloths, streak free soap and air fresheners are also available. These add-ons only increase your revenue while providing your customers with a great, full-featured service they can customize.

Self service car wash structures meet the needs of everyone involved in a car wash business. As a business owner, you are able to bring in a great revenue stream at any time of the day while your customers can choose whether to use a timely automatic car wash or self service car wash on their own. You will need fewer personnel for these types of businesses, and many times none at all!

Self Service Car Wash Building Design

When it comes to car wash building design, New Horizons car wash builders are second to none. We have built many different self service car wash structures for our customers based on a variety of customizable options. Our car wash structures satisfy both business owners and car wash customers alike.

We are seasoned builders of glass car wash buildings, automatic car wash structures and self service car wash buildings. We also build custom options like kneewall upgrades, equipment rooms and additional vacuum bays. These clear glass structures, paired with our custom options, have made us the best choice for car wash businesses across the country.

New Horizons puts aspects of car wash building design into your hands so you can create the customized car wash building you desire. Your business will benefit greatly from a self service car wash building from New Horizons! Our builders are experienced in self service car wash building and our car wash buildings are elegant, functional and cost-effective.

Modular Car Wash Building Size

Our self service car wash structures are a standard length of 16′ 4″ wide x 20′ long. Choose the number of self service car wash structures depending on your business needs.

Equipment Rooms in Self Service Modular Car Wash Enclosures

Car wash equipment rooms are an attractive way to house car wash support equipment. Choose either interior or exterior rooms along with many material and construction options. Exterior equipment rooms offer the maximum flexibility for room placement. Interior equipment rooms provide maximum space efficiency at self service structures and are a perfect solution to tight lot restrictions.

Self-Serve Car Wash Dimensions

Our self-service car wash enclosures utilize a modular system that gives you greater flexibility and room for expansion. We offer our self-service car wash bays in over 80 colors and can also add vacuum islands, equipment rooms and other custom features. Our standard modules measure 6′ 4″ wide by 20′ long — with modular construction, you can add as many as your budget permits. Best of all, when you’re ready to expand, it’s easy to add more!

Self Service Car Wash Enclosure Color

All of our self service car wash structures are constructed of powder coated aluminum in your choice of over 80 different colors. Custom colors are also available.

Vacuum Islands

Our vacuum islands have a powder coated aluminum frame with side panels to match your knee wall upgrade and provide your customers with more hand cleaning options. Islands provide a beautiful and efficient way of mounting vacuum and vending items in your self service car wash enclosure.

Car Wash Size Considerations

Many of the most successful car washes aren’t big or flashy. But if you want your new business to stand out, there’s a number of benefits to building the biggest facility possible:

  • improved output for higher profit margins
  • better visibility to attract drive-by traffic
  • more potential for expansion down the road
  • ability to offer custom detailing services and other premium features
  • improved drying time adds to a more professional-looking end product

General Structural Specification

Rigid framed aluminum, polycarbonate and glass glazed structure, sold as a complete unit.


Pre-engineered and fabricated modular building compromised of extruded aluminum and factory welds of such thickness and depth as to satisfy loading requirements. Makes use of concealed base sidewall fasteners. Overhead doors are framed for 10’x10′ doors, not supplied by New Horizons.


All fasteners used are stainless steel.

Roof Glazing

Ten millimeter; co-extruded,CC I fire rated, bronze tint polycarbonate panel (per CCSI International, inc. specifications).

Sidewall Glazing

Single glazed clear tempered safety glass panels measuring 46″x125.25″x5mm. Double glazed tempered safety glass available.

Personnel Doors

Personnel entry doors in wash bay fabricated with extruded aluminum and tempered safety glass.


Factory applied electrostatic powder coated surface per customer approval of color provides superior protection and appearance.


Stamped drawings are site specific and reflect individual location requirements.


Consolidated to a single delivery directly to your work site on factory trucks to assure on time scheduling.


Installed by factory personnel or your general contractor.