Canopies for Car Wash Structures

Double Post Pay Station Canopies for Car Wash Structures

A pay-station canopy is the perfect addition to all car wash businesses. Made to the same high standard as our car washes and customizable to match a new or existing structure. 

An entry system canopy is the icing on the cake to the essential curb appeal that invites consumers into your wash.  It greets them with an obvious place to make their car wash transactions.  It adds a decorative, welcoming appearance to your car wash’s entry area and visually ties in the entry system to the car wash.

A canopy car wash provides lighting for the entry system area at night and sunshield/shade during the day, making the entry system screen easy to see, making you easier to do business with.  It also provides additional protection from the elements for the entry system and enhanced safety and security around it.

A car wash canopy indicates the height clearance level and includes a message board to greet your customers. The canopy also allows for mounting of cameras and/or RFID reader. If you own a car wash and would like to add a car wash canopy to your structure, contact us today

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