Car Wash Maintenance

car wash maintenance

Maintenance on your car wash structure is imperative. Not only does keeping your structure looking clean and well maintained add to your curb appeal, maintenance is also important to keep your equipment running well and your customers coming back. New Horizons Car Wash Structures can aid you in your quest for a clean car wash structure!

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We’re pleased to introduce Reflectshine and Glass Stripper, our new glass enhancer products. Available at an extra cost, these products keep new glass structures looking cleaner and clearer for longer as well as making it easier to maintain beautiful glass, when used together. Our Glass Stripper product can also be used individually to help restore your existing glass structure to it’s original high quality finish.

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On your new structure the first of these glass enhancement products, Reflectshine, can be applied by us at our state of the art
manufacturing facility in Garden Prairie, IL. MSDS

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Glass Stripper

Glass Stripper can be delivered to you with your new glass car wash and allows for easy upkeep and beautifully clear glass. This product can help to bring new life to your existing glass car wash! - Call us for more details. MSDS

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Velocity Water Works



With the ability to be custom built to fit any carwash, these systems will rinse with spot-free water to keep the windows of your business clean and professional.


Adjustable interval (minutes) and duration (seconds) to allow operator to adjust rinse setting to meet cleaning requirements. Also eliminates unnecessary rinse cycles and water waste.


Diaphragm check valves with each spray manifold for immediate rinse applications on pump activation.


Wide angle, high volume spray nozzles maximizes reach and power to give the highest quality rinse. 


Sized to each application to ensure adequate volume and pressure for effective rinsing. Includes low limit shut-off with float switch.


Spray manifolds are easy to install and plumb. Install kit includes 100 ft of 3/4" hose and all necessary fittings.


Toggle switch in control box allows operator to shut-down system, run into auto (timer) mode, and manually run window rinse system.


Customizable systems are available. Please contact Velocity Water Works or New Horizons Car Wash Structures for sizing and support.

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