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Building a Car Wash Business With New Horizons

Thinking of grabbing a piece of the $24 billion-a-year car wash business for yourself? New Horizons offers flexible, functional and cost-effective car wash building plans that make starting your business a snap! We design and install car wash enclosures of any size with the shortest lead time in the business. Contact us today for more information!

Opening a Car Wash Business: First Steps

So you’ve decided to open a car wash — congratulations! The car wash industry is a growing one, and unlike other entrepreneurial opportunities, there are very few barriers to entry. For new investors, your first step should be to develop a business plan. This includes identifying an area with minimal competition, finding an appropriate site and arranging financing. Your next step is to find the building plan that’s right for you before you open a car wash business!
Car Wash Building Plans From New Horizons

New Horizons offers plans for both automatic car wash structures ,also known as touchless car wash buildings and self-service car wash buildings. Which you choose depends on your budget and the amount of time you want to spend running the business. Profit margins are higher for an automatic car wash, but they require a greater initial investment. Self-serve car washes require less of your time and money, though the path to profitability is longer.

Car Wash Car
Flexible Automatic and Self-Service Car Washes

Whatever you decide, New Horizons has the car wash to meet your needs. Our automatic car wash enclosures come in five standard sizes and over 80 different colors. We can add additional features including awnings, kneewall upgrades and retractable roof panels for increased ventilation.

Our self-service car wash enclosures come in a standard size of 6′ 4″ by 20′. Modular construction makes it easy to add adjacent units, either initially or to accommodate future growth.
Installation and After-Market Support

When you purchase a car wash enclosure from New Horizons, our authorized contractors will deliver and install your purchase for you. Because our products are specifically designed for quick installation, opening your car wash is faster and easier than ever. Our products are built with quality materials — such as tempered glass and corrosion-resistant frames — designed to give you years of trouble-free use. If you do encounter an issue or want to discuss expanding your business with a new construction, we offer nationwide support for all our products.

Contact New Horizons today and see how easy it is to build your car wash business from the ground up!