Building a Touchless Car Wash

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Choosing a Touchless Car Wash Building

People will always need to wash their cars, and most car owners are willing to pay for it. This service is in demand in any economy because the cost is relatively low, and it ensures that even older vehicles look good. Those who are looking to add a car wash structure to their business have a few decisions to make when deciding if a touchless car wash is right for them.
Automatic Car Wash

An automatic, or touchless, car wash is a building customers drive through to clean their vehicle —this type of car wash uses water pressure and soap to clean the vehicle, which protects its finish. These touchless car wash designs are practical and efficient for almost everyone, since the car-owner doesn’t have to get out of his car, and the wash only takes a matter of minutes.

Touchless Wash Buildings – What to Consider

When choosing to build a touchless car wash, business owners should consider their property’s layout. It is best to have room for a long structure before building a touchless car wash, as this allows the wash to include additional features, more drying space and the ability to put two cars in the building at once. Having the space to wash two cars simultaneously can make opening a touchless car wash a very lucrative proposition.

Touchless Car Wash Alternatives

While a touchless car wash structure protects a car’s paint job, it does make it difficult to scrub and remove multiple layers of dirt and grime. The other option, for those customers looking for a deeper clean, is a self-serve carwash design. The customer will drive her vehicle into one of these buildings, get out of the car and wash it using the available hoses and brushes. Many customers enjoy this type of wash because it allows them to scrub the vehicle to remove caked-on dirt.

A self-serve car wash provides more flexibility because each individual building is much smaller. Business owners can build as many or as few structures as they wish, depending on the available space and their business needs.
Making a Decision

While touchless car washes are typically a great option for businesses as they provide many benefits, the type of car wash you choose ultimately depends on your individual preferences and what customers in your area want. It’s possible to install more than one type of car washes at the same location, which gives your customers the choice and makes your business a one-stop shop for all car wash needs.

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