Glass Car Wash Systems

Glass Car Wash Buildings

Glass car wash buildings provide your car wash building with a modern look while providing a durable structure.

Many people still prefer to wash their car themselves as opposed to driving through an automatic car wash, plus self service offers them a cheaper option to automatic. They may not have an area where they live to wash their car themselves, so they will come to a self service carwash and use soap and water provided by your car wash business at a lesser fee than automatic.

Glass car wash buildings include wash units, vacuums and washer systems. Additional features such as dash board cloths, streak free soap and air fresheners are also available. These add-ons only increase your revenue while providing your customers with a great, full-featured service they can customize.

Glass self service carwash structures meet the needs of everyone involved in a car wash business. As a business owner, you are able to bring in a great revenue stream at any time of the day while your customers can choose whether to use a timely automatic car wash or self service car wash on their own. You will need fewer personnel for these types of businesses, and many times none at all!

Car Wash Building Design

When it comes to car wash building design, New Horizons car wash builders are second to none. We have built many different self service car wash structures for our customers based on a variety of customizable options. Our car wash structures satisfy both business owners and car wash customers alike.

We are seasoned builders of glass car wash buildings, automatic car wash structures and self service car wash buildings. We also build custom options like kneewall upgrades, equipment rooms and additional vacuum bays. These clear glass structures, paired with our custom options, have made us the best choice for car wash businesses across the country.

New Horizons puts aspects of car wash building design into your hands so you can create the customized car wash building you desire. Your business will benefit greatly from a self service car wash building from New Horizons! Our builders are experienced in self service car wash building and our car wash buildings are elegant, functional and cost-effective.