How to Improve Car Wash Performance

How to Improve Car Wash Business Performance

If you already operate a car wash, you know the current state of the car wash industry in the United States is strong and that the future is even brighter for responsible operators. Even if your business is already profitable, you may still look for ways to make improvements. It’s important to be on the lookout for opportunities to make improvements, because they don’t just benefit you and your staff — they can add increased value for your customers as well.

Conveyor Speed

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be relieved to learn that you can make some improvements at your location without investing in new equipment or more supplies. Regardless of the size of your budget, you need to accept a basic fact that may seem counter-intuitive given the industry you’re in — increased speed doesn’t always equate to an improvement.

That fact certainly applies to your conveyor. If your conveyor is set to a speed that’s too fast, the resulting washes will be inferior. When cars go through your wash too quickly, they experience less “dwell time,” during which detergent loosens grime, mitters brush off dirt and debris, and excess water drips off. These things yield a final result that’s less clean and shiny.

In addition, a conveyor that moves too quickly can unnecessarily increase your labor and supply costs. When vehicles experience too little drip time, they require more preparation and finishing time, which can hit you in the wallet.

To improve your car wash’s performance and to improve car wash quality at your location, consider slowing down the speed of your conveyor.

Foamed Detergent

Learning how to improve car wash performance is pointless if you don’t start by applying detergent to every surface of every component your wash is designed to clean, at the start of every wash. In general, it’s wise to start each wash with a thorough application of a foam detergent, which will enable you to see that every component is doused with the appropriate amount of detergent.

Materials and Technologies

As is the case in many other industries, advancements are always being made in the car wash industry. New cleaning materials and technologies are introduced regularly that can help you improve the performance of your car wash and produce a better wash. These new developments are necessary, as automakers continually produce different car styles and sizes. Pay attention to these developments and see if any of them can improve your operation.

New Horizons Car Wash

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