How to Start a Car Wash Business in 5 Easy Steps

Are you interested in starting a car wash business? If so, you’re not the first person to consider it. Owning a car wash is a business that a lot of people are interested in because of its potential return on investment. 

Want to know how to get the process started to owning a car wash? Keep reading below.

How to start a car wash business

To start a car wash business, there are several steps you need to move through before you can start bringing in an income. They are as follows:

Create a business plan

First, you need to develop some sort of car wash business plan or model that you want to follow when starting your business. This requires some research and an investment commitment.

Do some research 

Do a lot of research on types of car wash businesses. For example, you could start a self serve car wash or an automatic car wash. You can also decide whether you want to purchase an existing business or start one from scratch. Additionally, you should research potential locations and fees for filing permits, building the business, etc.

Make the investment

Next, it’s time to commit to an investment. Buying an existing car wash may be cheaper but if you’re starting one from scratch you can spend upwards of $1-$3 million. You’ll need to consult a bank if you’re taking out a business loan and have that secured before moving forward. 

Secure a location

When you’re ready, you can secure a location for your car wash business. Again, this location can already be set up for a car wash or it can be a piece of land ready for development. Just keep in mind that permits are specific to the type of land your buying.

Build a car wash

If you’ve chosen a location that needs a car wash, then get to building! Want some design information? Click here

Hire a team

With the building done, you can start to hire a team to help you run the business. You’ll need a management staff as well as full/part time employees.

Market yourself

Everything’s ready, now you just need to market the business! Hire a marketing agency to help you spread the word and build up the opening in the community with limited offers and free goodies.

Ask us more

Want to learn more about starting a car wash business? No problem.

New Horizons Car Wash has been manufacturing car wash buildings for business owners like you for years. Our team of experts are standing by to help answer all of your questions so you can get your business up and running in no time.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get your business off the ground today!

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