Benefits of Adding a Car Wash to Your Convenience Store

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Car Wash to Your Convenience Store?

Why do people go to convenience stores? In general, consumers go for the very reason that’s included in the name – convenience. Maybe they’re closer than the market, they tend to lack long lines or they sell gas or propane in addition to a few food items. For whatever reason, convenience stores are simply a preferred retail location for a lot of consumers on at least some occasions.

With convenience stores being all about convenience, it makes sense that this type of retailer would provide as many products and services as possible. That’s why many convenience stores sell fuel in addition to snacks and beverages, and they’re sometimes referred to as “gas stations.”

To be the definition of convenient, it just makes sense to add a car wash, doesn’t it? By doing so, you’ll enable your customers to get more done in one stop instead of forcing them to go to multiple locations to get gas, pick up last minute grocery items and have their vehicles washed.

Reasons to Add a Car Wash to Your Convenience Store

While being able to get more done in one stop is certainly a benefit for your clients, adding a car wash to your location can provide some meaningful benefits for you as well. Here are some of the benefits of adding a car wash to your gas station. They:

  • Establish an additional income stream: One of the most significant benefits of adding a car wash to your convenience store is that the wash will create an additional income stream. Instead of relying on your store and gas pumps exclusively to make money, you’ll be able to add the funds your car wash generates to your revenue pool.
  • Don’t require a lot of time: If you install a self-serve car wash at your location, it will only require a minimal amount of attention from you. Modern self-serve car washes basically run themselves. If you take care of your car wash properly, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on excessive maintenance or repairs.
  • Can attract new customers: While adding a car wash to your convenience store is something your existing customers are sure to appreciate, it can also attract new clients to your gas station. Once they try your car wash, these new customers may be tempted to grab a few snacks or pump gas as well.
  • Create opportunities to generate goodwill: It’s a long-standing tradition in many locations for groups like the Boy Scouts or a local church to host a car wash to raise money. Because contaminants from these events tend to end up in streams and other bodies of water, many communities are banning car washes in parking lots and other public places. You can generate a lot of goodwill by letting a local charity use your environmentally friendly car wash to raise money.

New Horizons Car Wash: An Opportunity for Convenience Stores

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having this feature at your gas station, New Horizons Car Wash can help. We can create a custom, glass-enclosed car wash for your location. As an industry leader, we have the vision and talent to design and install a customized car wash that will provide added value to your current business. Contact us to learn more today!

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