Planning Ahead: Having a List of Contacts Ready in Case of a Car Wash Business Emergency

Planning Ahead:

Having a List of Contacts Ready in Case of a Car Wash Business Emergency

Every car wash operator hopes their business can run smoothly every day of the year. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your equipment, mishaps can still occur. Even the most experienced owner deals with technical problems once in a while.

When you do eventually have to confront a problem with your car wash, you shouldn’t have to scramble to come up with a solution. Instead, you should have a plan already in place. The best way to prepare for an emergency is to compile a list of business contacts you can count on to help.

Why Create a List of Contacts?

Car wash owners need to keep a detailed list of business contacts in order to deal with emergencies as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It can be difficult to find contractors and vendors at the last minute, especially if you want to get a good deal. Collecting contacts and negotiating rates ahead of time can save you money and stress.

In addition, collecting contacts before they’re needed allows you to choose vendors with the proper qualifications, licenses and insurance, which can protect you from fines, mistakes and other issues.

In short, finding qualified and honest vendors ahead of time can help you deal with an emergency and resume operating your car wash without delay or stress.

What Business Contacts Do You Need?

It’s clear that a list of supply-chain contacts can help protect car wash businesses from unnecessary crises. How many contacts do you actually need to keep?

The short answer is that you should have at least one business contact to help you address problems with each part of your system. This includes someone like an electrician as well as other, potentially more surprising professionals.

Here are some of the essential business contacts every car wash owner should have at their disposal:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Wastewater management specialists
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Vending machine repairs
  • Chemical suppliers
  • Replacement parts suppliers
  • Construction and building repairs

You should also keep contact information for any other services you need to keep your business running. Some extremely proactive owners might even keep information for professionals they doubt they’ll ever need to contact, such as marketing or PR specialists to help in the case of an image emergency. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Add New Horizons Car Wash to Your Contacts

In the case of a car wash emergency, you don’t want to be caught without a solution. At New Horizons, we know how important fast repairs and updates are to your business, which is why we design our glass car wash structures to be installed quickly.

If a natural disaster or other emergency leaves you in need of a new building, we can help. Add New Horizons to your contact list and reach out to us to learn why car wash owners have trusted us with their buildings for years.

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