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Types of Car Washes and How to Choose the Right Structure for Your Business

While consumers may be curious about the best types of car washes for their new cars, entrepreneurs looking to break into the car-wash business often question what the best car-wash structures are for new businesses. Just as drivers have many car-wash styles when they clean their automobiles at home, aspiring business owners have an assortment of car-wash types to choose from for their location.

different types of car washes and how to choose the right one for your business

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Tips Every Car-Wash Owner Needs to Know

Tips every car wash business owner should know

Running a business isn’t an intuitive science. To be successful in any field, you need to stay willing to learn. Advancements are made all the time in many industries, and that certainly applies to the car wash industry. It’s vital for even the most seasoned car-wash operators to be open to new ideas throughout their careers.

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Preventing Rust and Damage Caused by Road Salt

How to prevent and treat rust and damage caused by road salt

The arrival of winter means different things to different people living in the United States, partially depending on where they live. If you reside in Florida, you may be looking forward to the arrival of snowbirds trying to escape the chill of the Northeastern Corridor. If you live in the Northeastern U.S., the Midwest or a Northwestern state like Oregon, the arrival of winter may mean icy sidewalks, snow-covered streets and driving conditions that can be treacherous at times.

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How to Establish Customer Loyalty to Your Car Wash

A major factor in receiving steady patronage at your car wash is establishing a loyal customer base. For optimal performance, you can’t just get customers — you have to keep them, too. Fortunately, building customer loyalty simply involves maintaining a human connection with them, just like any other relationship you have.

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Local Marketing Ideas for Car Wash Business Owners

The biggest customer base a car wash has is members of the local community. But new car wash owners may need some advice to get their local marketing plan started. Since the way we market constantly changes, even seasoned veterans need to keep up with the latest tips and ideas.

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Things You’ll Need Before Starting a Car Wash

Car Wash Car

Thinking about starting a car wash business? With some careful preparation and the right advice, you can make the process as simple as possible. Knowing the car wash business essentials will get you on the right track.

Beginning your new venture involves getting the proper car wash business necessities. Here’s what you’ll need before starting a car wash:

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Tips for Car Wash Owners During Winter

Car Wash Tips for Winter

You’ll see a huge uptick in car wash business during the winter season. Since washing your car becomes extra important during the winter due to salt and dirt, many folks go to their local car wash to keep their vehicle in top condition.

This business advice for your car wash during the colder months can help you get the most out of the winter busy season. With some planning and preparation, you can get ahead of the competition.

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How to Use a Self-Service Car Wash

You’ve been telling yourself that it’s time to finally wash your car yourself, but you’re not sure how to use a self-service car wash. Of course, you’re familiar with what they look like, but they seem so — well — uninviting. Don’t let them fool you, though. They’re highly convenient as long as you prepare yourself in advance.

Here are the best strategies for getting the most out of your self-service car wash experience.
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Common Mistakes Car Wash Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

When you become a car wash owner, you enter the exciting world of franchisee and entrepreneur all rolled into one. However, you have to plan for success. As with any startup, you must lay out strategies for success before problems occur.

Check out some of the most common mistakes that new car wash owners make and tips on how to avoid them.
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Hand Washing Your Car Versus Going to a Car Wash


Owning a car is an investment, not only in your transportation but your social status and appearance. Consequently, most people want their vehicles to look as shiny and pristine as possible. This requires regular maintenance, including comprehensive washing.

There are two methods of getting a car clean: Hand washing and automatic car washing. Neither is better nor worse in general, but your preferences will likely lean in one direction or the other. Read some of the pros and cons of a hand wash versus a car wash.
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